Top 10: The Best Portable Jump Starters

Top 10: The Best Portable Jump Starters

Updated: Nov 2016

In this article we highlight, in a comparison chart, the best portable jump starters. There is more information (reviews) below. Including some helpful videos to help you choose which auto jump starter to buy.

It is agonizing when you wake up early just to notice that you left your headlights on, and the battery is completely dead.

All you can hear is the mocking diminishing sound of the buzzer in the dashboard. At the time I used a neighbors portable jump starter and ordered one from right after.

Here is the comparison chart of the top 10 best portable jump starters. They are compact (some have a air compressor), easy to use and some even fit in your pocket (more in-depth portable jump starter reviews below)

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Portable Jump StarterNameAMPWeight Pocket SizePrice
Portable Jump StarterNameAMPWeight Pocket SizePrice
Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Amp18 LBsNo$$$
Schumacher PSJ-2212 DSR ProSeries2200 Amp18.35 LBsNo$$$
Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL Ultraportable w/Light900 Amp9 LBsNo$$
Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR with Power Source and Air Compressor1700 Amp25 LBsNo$$$$
Stanley J5C09 Jump Starter w/ Compressor1000 Amp18 LBsNo$$$$
PowerAll PBJS12000R Rosso Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter400 Amp1 LBYes$$
Juno Power- Car Battery Jump Starter 300 Amp7 ozYes$$
Brighttech400 Amp2.6 LBsYes$$
PowerGo Unbelievably Portable600 Amp2.4 LBsYes$
Duracell 600 Watt Powerpack500 Amps22 LBsNo$$$$

Our How To pick for our #1 Best Portable Jump Starter of 2015

In many cases, people opt to use a portable car jump starter when they find themselves in a situation like the one mentioned above

At that point its usually too late to buy a auto jump starter, thats why I ordered over night. Now I am prepared for the next time round. 

When you find yourself in such agonizing situations, the  car jump starter becomes your best friend by default. The best jump starters are those that are compact and are easy to carry or in a nutshell they are easily portable jump starters.

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For those who are new to Jump Starting their cars

A jump starter is a device that acts like the battery of another vehicle. Its design includes its own alligator clips that you can attach to the battery of your car. A car jump starter is a must have for any vehicle owner.

In case an emergency situation arises and your car battery cannot raise enough peak amps to start your engine, you can connect your jump starter which boosts the battery to a point it is able to start the engine again.

Large portable jump starters have been in the market for the past few years. But with advancement in technology even smaller jump starters are becoming more common in the market.

The best portable jump starters are not only designed to fix your battery but also are designed to assist you in nearly every situation.

A perfect jump starter has to have everything required for both convenience and safety. A jump starter should also be able to accommodate should also be able to accommodate small accessories like phones.

The beauty of portable jump starters is that many they come with added utility. For instance if your tires starts to deflate as you are driving, you can use a car jump starter and use the air compressor to fill your tires.

A reliable jump starter should include a handle in its design so that one can easily carry it around, and a compressor; a multi-function car jump starter.

Although you don’t need it… my favorite is the pocket-sized starters; I call the ultra portable jump starters aka mini jump starters .

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Before obtaining a jump starter, you ought to always do research so that you can ascertain that the product is reliable and efficient.

The things that matter when buying or choosing a jump starter, include the warranty, features and safety measures.

It is important to look at these things critically so as to ensure that you get a jump starter that stores charge for a long time, durable and easy to operate.

This is just the beginning of our auto jump starter reviews.

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Lets analyze the best 10 portable jump starters on the market:

Portable Jump Starter Reviews

1. Jump-N-Carry 12-Volt Jump Starter

car battery jump starterThis is a product of the renowned Clore Automotive. And its best compact jump starter.

It is highly portable as it only weighs 18 pounds. It can supply 12 volt power to a dead battery. It suits both personal and professional uses as it has 1700 peak amperes and 425 cranking amperes.

It comes with heavy duty cables that can be connects the jump starter to the battery. Its clamps are industrial grade and are able to charge even after corrosion.

Charging this jump starter is quite easy as it comes with an efficient AC charger which makes recharging of this machine quite simple .This jump starter is perfect for use at home, garage, auto repair and mechanic workshops as well as industrial units.

2. Schumacher ProSeries Portable Power Unit

best battery jump starterThis is the best jump starter from the Shumacher. It comes packed with 2000 peak amperes, 330 cranking amperes and 275 cold cranking amperes.

It gives the unit a power packed performance. This jumpstarter strikes a balance between style and functionality .For instance, it has a 22Ah AGM battery and weighs just 22 pounds. It has a power rating of 12V hence efficient for 12V accessory plugs.

Its design includes a 3 ampere internal charger and copper jawed clamps for heavy duty performance.

As if that is not enough it has 4 gauges 50 inch cables, rubber base so as ensure ultimate safety of the jump starter. This jumpstarter can be used to start your car battery, during camping and also during power blackouts as its power packed performance will never fail you.

3. Jump-N-Carry Ultraportablem Jump Starter with Light
best battery jumper 2016This is yet another highly rated jumpstarter from Clore. It has 900 peak amperes and weighs only a mere 9 pounds.

Its portability and light weight allows it to be stored anywhere and can be used anywhere.

It also has an added utility as it comes with a high intensity flash light which enables the user to be able to use the equipment even at night.

Its small size doesn’t reflect its functionality as it is packed with full size clamps which can recharge even a corroded battery with much ease. The portability of this device makes it perfect for jump starting passenger vehicles .

Its high intensity flashlight makes it highly useful at night or in places with low visibility.

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4. Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR with Power Source and Air Compressor

best battery jump starterThis another brilliant product from Clore Automotive. It is a 12 volt device; it delivers 1700 peak amperes and 425 cold cranking amperes. It has a quality battery which gives it a power enhanced performance.

It comes armed with an industrial grade air compressor system and also has an impact resistant case.

It has advanced clamps that can jumpstart even a corroded battery. It has an intelligent charging system which stops charging the jumpstarter when the battery is fully charged.

The air compressor system has a 12 foot air hose and has an internal pressure gauge. It only weighs about 25 pounds putting in mind it has an air compressor system. It may be used for personal or professional use. It is one o the most powerful jumpstarters in the market.

5. Stanley J5C09 Jump Starter with Built in Compressor

best car jump starterIt has 500 ampere instant starting power and comes integrated with a built in compressor.

It has 120 PSI air compressor, DC and USB charging plugs and a high power LED right that has a rotation of up to 270 degrees.

This jump starter puts the safety of your battery first as it has a reverse polarity alarm system and a rubber molded top mounted for better grip.

It is highly portable as it weighs only 18 pounds. This is one of the few jumpstarters which has maintained a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

This device is not only a jumpstarter but also an easy to use air compressor. However, the secret to finding the most efficient jump starter is not following brand names but first analyzing your needs and then finding the jumpstarter that fulfills all your requirements comprehensively.

6. PowerAll PBJS12000R Rosso Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter

best lithium jump starterHere is one of the best portable jump started of 2015 and, its pocket size!

Its also considered one of the best lithium jump starter

This little guy had the power to power a 12 volt car or truck. Although this review is all about car jump starters, the PowerAll really powers all

It’s a multi-function car jump starter.

It has USB ports so you can charge your other electronics like a iPhone or tablet.

Its been nicknamed the Swiss Army knife of portable battery chargers. The PowerAll has 3 different functions in one: a battery charger, a car jump starter, and an LED flashlight. You can fit this in your glove department for those little emergencies that you never really see coming.

Especially if you are going hiking and you need to pack as light as possible.

7. Juno Power – Pocket-Size Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

jump starter compressorLike the PowerAll, the Juno Power powers you phone and other devices; iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5 ; HTC One; Nexus 4; and More. Its dimensions are 5.5 inches long, 3 inches wide,  only 0.6-inch thick and 6 inches long.

Juno is about twice the weight of a iPhone.

Its lithium polymer battery is 6,000mAh and makes enough power to charge any car battery. Juno is another pocket sized jump starter that is necessary for hiking and camping.

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8. Brightech – Car Jump Starter

best car battery jumperThis palm size gadget makes the list because its packed with power and is one of the few its leagues; “pocket size jump starters”. Great to keep in a small car and tucked away for emergencies. Its ultra large capacity is 10,000 mAh and built with an integrated LED emergency flashlight. Long-lasting 44Wh Battery with low self-discharge brings dead vehicle batteries back to life again and again (requires recharge every 6 months). Package includes one compact external power battery with 400 Amp peak, LED light, a pair of mini-jumper clamps, 7 USB adapters, one USB cable, one recharger cable, and a zippered carrying case. Not to mention it comes in a few different colors.

9. PowerGo “Unbelievably Portable” Car Battery Jump Starter
best portable battery jumperPowerGo has a built-in LED Flashlight and SOS Light which is a awesome feature, especially if you plan on driving through lots of dirt road or deserts.

Featuring the best battery jumper cables with “No Recoil” Safety Measure which ensure that once the car is started the current from the cables does not flow back to the battery and could potentially cause the battery to explode.

Equipped with charging ports and cables for Laptops, Tablets, Smart phones, etc. Battery takes 3 hours to fully charge. Has 8 Jumpstarts on full battery. The PowerGo’s 13800mAh battery is powerful enough to give your car’s battery a boost and get you back on the road.

10. Duracell 600 Watt Powerpack Pro

best lithium jump starterOne of the best portable jump starters with compressor. The Duracell Powerpack Pro can jumpstart 4, 6, and 8 cylinder vehicles. The 150 PSI air compressor is ideal for roadside emergencies and pumping up sports and recreational equipment. The air compressor features an accurate pressure gauge to ensure you achieve the proper PSI. Multiple outlets give you the flexibility and convenience to operate several appliances at once, while the 4 level LED Fuel Gauge displays the Duracell Powerpack’s battery charge level.

What do you think is the best portable jump starter for 2016? 

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