The Best Tire Inflator Reviews: Get One before a Flat Tire Gets You

Everything is all set in the car for the trip to the beach. You and your family have loaded all the stuff in the SUV you will be using to enjoy your weekend at the beach house.

Surfboards, life vests, goggles, snorkels, flippers, sunglasses, beach umbrella, sun screen…even the car is washed (with the proper soap) and you have filled the tank to the brim. The trip has everyone excited and the spouse and the kids are singing out loud along with the music on the stereo.

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The weather forecast says it will be a sunny and warm summer weekend. Then you get off the freeway, drive onto the highway with little or no other vehicles in front or behind, even in the other direction.

It is a driving haven, indeed, just you, your family, and the car. Suddenly you feel the steering wheel get heavy and it becomes difficult to control the car. You pull over, get out and walk around the vehicle and discover that you have a flat tire (for those who don’t have a run flat tire). What a way to spoil the perfect weekend.

Flat tires are unavoidable

A flat tire can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. You could be ready for work in the morning only to find out that a wheel is touching the ground. Going back home has to be delayed because a tire has been punctured by vandals in the parking lot.

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You could curse at anything and everything when you get a flat tire in the middle of the night, a storm, or in the middle of nowhere. Although research proves that people get an average of five flat tires throughout their lives, the chances are increased the longer you stay on the road.

Inflators to the rescue!

It is a good thing that there are tire inflators nowadays. Also known as portable air compressors, tire inflators can figuratively save your life.

In addition to being small and portable, these miniature air compressors can inflate your tire back to the ideal pressure and help bring you back home; no need to call or wait for help.

They are usually powered by electricity coming from your car, usually the lighter plug. Others can be connected directly to the battery.

… More benefits and other uses

While most portable air compressors are designed to add more air to tires that are not filled to the specified pressure, the best tire inflator is powerful enough to inflate tires from flat, helping you get the vehicle to a tire shop for the needed repairs and cleaning.

These air compressors can also serve other purposes like putting air in inflatable boats or rafts, even sports balls and inflatable beds.

The Top 5 Best Tire Inflators and Reviews

Some of the most popular portable air compressors in the market today:

Viair  88P Portable Air Compressor
best home tire inflator

Simply put, this is currently the highest rated tire inflator. Period. It does not use a lighter adapter; instead it has two heavy duty battery clamps to connect to the battery. This way power that supplies the 88P is strong, stable and raw.

It has a rated power of 120 pounds per square inch, enough to inflate 33 inch tires. The power cord is 9 feet long and the air hose measures 12 feet making access to the flat tire quite easy.

For more deets, check our individual tire inflator reviews.

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Black & Decker ASI500 12-Volt Cordless Air Station Inflator

Best Tire Inflator 2017

Black & Deck hit a home run with this one. So we had to add the Black & Decker ASI500 12 Volt Cordless Air Station Inflator review to the best tire inflator review. Its called the air station because of it unique design and multi-use functions. It features digital gauge that measures pressure accuracy within +/- 1 PSI (pound per square inch)

Simply place the Cordless Air Station Inflator on High and it can inflate your car tires. The other modes will allow you to inflate balls, bikes, blow up beds, etc. But of course, we are here for the auto usage.

Check the reviews on amazon here

Kensun AC/DC Heavy Duty Air Compressor Tire Inflator

Kensun isn’t the most popular brand in the auto world but its products speaks volumes. The Heavy Duty Air Compressor deserves a spot on the top 5 best tire inflators list. It comes with three nozzles and was created to inflate the big boys.

This compressor is one of the best tire inflator for trucks and suvs. It a multi-function inflator with operation under DC 12V or AC 110V. Pumps up to 40 PSI (gauge measures to 250 PSI). The air flow is at a rate of 11 litres per minute… you can see more here

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Slime 40022 12-Volt Digital Tire Inflator

best home tire inflator

The Slime 40022 gets electrical power from your cigarette lighter and it can reach tires 12 feet away from the lighter plug. It features an LED flashlight for fixing the problem tire in the dark. Perhaps its greatest feature is the auto shutoff where it powers off when the desired tire pressure is reached.

There is more to this device than what meets the eye- Is well designed and is perfect for travel usage. For more deets, check our individual tire inflator reviews.

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Bell 22-1-34000-8 BellAire 4000 Tire Inflator

Best Tire Inflator ReviewsPower is this air compressor’s greatest strength, if that doesn’t sound redundant. But the truth is the BellAire 4000’s rating of 150 PSI is so potent it can inflate a flat standard tire to full pressure within 5 minutes.

This awesome performance is achieved by an electric pump that features an ingenious air cooling system. It also features nice touches like a warning flasher and hazard function. For more deets, check our individual tire inflator reviews.
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Wrapping Up…

Choosing the best tire inflator is not difficult if you know what you are looking for. Is your car wearing balloon tires or high performance radials? If so, look a compressor with high PSI rating. Do you prefer power from the battery or the lighter socket? Are you looking for added visibility at night on those unforeseen situations?

Do you want a small and light tire inflator that you can hide anywhere in the car? The key is to pick one that meets all your needs. Do not be caught unprepared again. With the right tire inflator, you might not even need to go through the hassle of changing tires.

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