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How to Remove Ink From Your Car Seat

What is worse than staining your perfectly clean car seats? Nothing! Whether it’s food stains, drink spills, or ink marks, ruining your car interior is a pain like no other. Not only does it devalue your car investment, it’s embarrassing when you’re picking up passengers. Image: autodetaildoctor.comWhen it comes to food and drink stains, there […]

When To Get An Oil Change? Does Your Car Need An Oil Change?

When should you get an oil change? Even though having the oil changed in your vehicle regularly is necessary, it is frequently put off and can cause problems with the engine. Having your oil changed properly and at the right intervals can make the difference between your engine running efficiently or having problems develop due […]

How Often Should You Wash Your Car? (Winter, Summer, Spring?)

Have you ever parked your car at the office or grocery store only to come back and find that a ‘helpful’ citizen has written ‘please wash me’ across the back? It’s quite funny when that message is on someone else’s car, but it’s extremely disheartening when that mud-caked dust-adorned vehicle belongs to you.But with a […]

14 Must Know Reasons: Why Does My Car Shake When …

Cars talk, and as a car enthusiast you learn the language of the automobile so that you can listen. Though it’s true that every make and model may have subtle inflections in their accents, the basics idea is conveyed in similar ways. You’ve got the thump, thump, thump, and the slow limp which translates into […]

7 of the Most Common Car Overheating Causes (Why Does My Car Overheat?)

Welcome back car enthusiasts, today we are going to talk about some common causes of an overheated engine so that you can practice prevention and avoid the side of the road.Here we are tackling the question:  “Why Does My Car Overheat?” The scenario usually goes something like this…There you are, cruising down the street, watching […]

Get Ready! 10 Essential Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Just like people, cars need special preparation to handle extreme fluctuations in temperature. The same way that you have different wardrobes to keep you comfortable in the winter and summer, your car needs a bit of special treatment to stay safe and reliable when the weather changes. Here are the ten most important car maintenance […]