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14 Must Know Reasons: Why Does My Car Shake When …

Cars talk, and as a car enthusiast you learn the language of the automobile so that you can listen. Though it’s true that every make and model may have subtle inflections in their accents, the basics idea is conveyed in similar ways. You’ve got the thump, thump, thump, and the slow limp which translates into […]

Get Ready! 10 Essential Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Just like people, cars need special preparation to handle extreme fluctuations in temperature. The same way that you have different wardrobes to keep you comfortable in the winter and summer, your car needs a bit of special treatment to stay safe and reliable when the weather changes. Here are the ten most important car maintenance […]

10 Simple Steps On How To Clean A Car Engine

Automobile engines are powerful, important, but are either forgotten or feared.The engine of our automobiles are constantly overlooked, either because we don’t think it’s really important, or we are afraid to cause damage to the engine when detailing.Below we are going to discuss simple steps on how to clean a car engine to make it gleam and […]

How To: The Best Way To Clean Car Windows (Without Streaks)

Ah, windows. We love to gaze out them, but cleaning them is another story. Outside elements can make windows dusty with dirt and debris, sticky with bug debris or just plain yucky with what I like to call life debris.Life debris can be anything from the trail of ice cream to the leftover remnants of […]

How to Remove Dog Hair from Your Car

Are you tired of cleaning up clumps of dog hair from your car? I know I am. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my little furry friend. Every time I see her running up the driveway with her tail wagging, her tongue out, and her eyes pleading for a car ride, I cave. It’s […]