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HID vs LED Headlights: What’s The Difference?

Ever wondered which headlight is better: HID or LED? Well, this is a question that many customers have been asking. As you replace your car headlights, isn’t better if you upgrade to something that is considerably more efficient? With exception of few high-end cars, the majority of the new cars come fitted with halogens headlights […]

How To Wax A Car Properly (By Hand And With A Buffer)

Section 1: Introduction We all have busy lives and sometimes it seems that all we can manage is to visit a local drive-through car wash that offers a spray-on “wax” finish. Auto parts stores and large retailers sell quick spray-on wax products. Those and similar products can spruce up a shine for a short while, […]

4 Simple Ways: How To Get Chocolate Out Of Car Seat?

No one likes stains, especially in a car. Chocolate is a very common stain people encounter in their vehicle. How to get chocolate out of car seat? What are the best products to use? In this article, you will learn how to get rid of chocolate from your car seats and what products do the […]

Top 7: Best Car Leather Cleaners Reviews

Leather is one of the common materials used in making car upholstery because of its ability to last long and ward off stains. That notwithstanding, leather requires regular cleaning using the best car cleaner to keep it clean, fresh smelling, and soft. Herein, we have scrutinized some of the best car leather cleaners that you […]

How To Clean Vomit From A Car

Accidents happen and people and animals get sick, and when it happens in your vehicle, this can be a real pain in the butt, particularly when it comes time to clean up the vomit as the longer you leave it the more it may leave stains, germs and bad odor. If not removed immediately, you […]

11 Best Synthetic Oil For Your Motor Health

Nowadays, cars are doing up to fourteen thousand miles a year. Regular oils will last about three thousand miles and then it will be time to change. However, with synthetic oil , you may only have to change twice a year as they can last up to 7000 miles. This is what makes this topic interesting for […]

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