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Top 5: Best Swirl Remover for Black Paint

The Problem with Black Paint Swirls

So you’ve realized that your car is showing its age, and you decided to clean it up with a fresh new coat of black paint. You’ve worked hard to make the car look its best, and you are proud of your efforts. When you’re standing back to admire your work, you notice that there are several very noticeable swirl marks left in the dried paint.

This exact situation has happened to me, which is why I decided to write this post. I managed to find information on the top 5 best swirl removers for black paint, and I wanted to share this knowledge with others.


Top 5 Best Swirl Removers for Black Paint

1. Pinnacle Natural Brilliance PIN-315 Liquid Souveran Car Wax

Sometimes all it takes to remove swirl marks is a small amount of car wax.

Car wax has multiple uses; buffing, shining, and removing small blemishes like swirls.

This particular car wax by Pinnacle is made of liquefied Carnauba wax; the maximum amount that is possible to be in a formula.

Carnauba wax is very hard and durable, so it is able to withstand extreme temperatures. The materials for this wax are made from plants, so they are renewable and do not harm the environment.

If you live in a hot and humid place, this Pinnacle wax will still work well for you. This is proven by the fact that the wax was both developed and tested in southern Florida. The wax was applied in a cool area, but maintained its consistency after it was dried and exposed to the sun.

The wax is easy to apply and can be done by yourself or by machine, if that is the method that you prefer.

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2. Meguiar’s G17616 SwirlX Swirl Remover – 15.2 oz.

This is a product that is specifically meant for removing swirl marks; it has a clear and focused purpose.

The product is thick in consistency, and you can work it into your car in small, circular or linear sections.

A buffer can be used for larger areas of the vehicle. SwirlX has microscopic abrasive material embedded into it, which refreshes the look of the paint.

SwirlX can be stored for 3 years, and is not biodegradable. It is a good product to use for minor swirls and scratches.


3. Meguiar’s M9 Mirror Glaze Swirl Remover 2.0 – 16 oz.

Mirror Glaze Swirl Remover is gentle, and should be applied to your vehicle after you’ve used all the other products first. If you need something more heavy-duty for your vehicle, or if it has deep scratches, this probably wouldn’t be the choice for you.

This product was designed to reduce the amount of liquid that is splattered when applying.

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4. Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax – 16

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax is useful if you need more protection for your car against scratches, as well as smoothing out those paint swirls. It is made with Meguiar’s most advanced synthetic wax – hydrophobic wax.

Hydrophobic wax is useful because it provides a glossy look with long lasting protection. It also reduces damage from the elements, as water tends to slid right off the surface that it is applied to.


5. Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound – 15.2 oz.

The benefit of this product is that it provides multiples services to your car. As well as reducing swirl marks and scratches, it is also able to remove oxidation from your vehicle.

The compound is not made with a large amount of abrasive materials, but it works with the same amount of strength.

Meguiar works with micro-abrasive technology that makes it possible to take marks out of hard paint. All that is known about this technology is that it is made of a compilation of abrasives, and is unique to Meguiar.

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Closing Shop

Do you now feel a bit more confident about getting rid of the swirl marks on your car? Perhaps one of the options listed above will be the one that does the trick for you in your situation. Whichever one you choose, it means that you care about your car looking its best – which will definitely pay off in the end.

I personally am proud of my car, and I enjoy seeing it look good. What do you think about keeping your car looking its best? Share this article with your friends and let us know which product you decide to use, and what the results were afterwards!



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