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Finding the best headlight restoration is a must. Clouded headlights are a no go. No one wants to see yellow headlights, especially after a good clean and wax.

Say no to this!

Some cars are just prone to discoloration, you are not to blame, but allowing your headlights to stay discolored is. No worries, we are here to discuss the best headlight cleaner by taking a look at the best headlight restoration kits on the online market (there are quite a few).

Most headlight are made of plastic and are covered with a nice coating by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the exposure to the sun and other harsh elements overtime does make the coat deteriorate. Our job is take notice when this is happening and stop the deterioration process in its tracks.

How do you know its time for a through cleaning? if you can’t tell if your lights are on- thats a huge warning flag, if your headlights seem to be permanently foggy or if they simple look out of place after you give your car a brilliant shine. Its pretty simple to identify and so it the process- although it does take a few steps.

What Makes Headlights Discolored?

UV damage- the sun is the main culprit. Soon after leaving the showroom floor to the road, the UV protective coating (applied by the manufacturer is disarmed; it begins the deteriorate). As times passes the coating weakens and is no longer strong enough to block the suns UV rays. If you wish to slow down the process, which is called oxidation, you must clean your and protect your headlights when cleaning/waxing your car- too many people skip the headlights until its really bad. Its like a scuff on a shiny pair of black dress shoes- it stands out.
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Signs to Notice

1st your headlights look foggy, 2nd they become cloudy, 3rd yellow, 4th you might notice some shedding/peeling. You don’t want it to get that bad- you start losing light at night and you know where that could lead. Basically, if you can’t see the bulb anymore its time to give your headlights a good scrub. So, Instead of spending a hundred or more on a replacement or for someone else to clean it. Spend about 45 to an hour on a thorough clean. While some steps and tools may vary depending on the kit you choose, generally, here are the…

Tools you Need for the Cleaning Process

Newspaper or Old Sheet



Sandpaper (Comes in most kits)

Electrical tape or Blue painting tape (some use both)

Buffing Wheel (Not Required)

Power Drill (Cordless is preferred)

Now lets take a look at the best headlight restoration kits. We highlight a few of the best kits and you choose which is the best headlight cleaner for your ride. There are a few things to consider of course- how cloudy, yellow.discolored are your headlights, are you comfortable using a power drill (some kits require), would you prefer a kit that requires less steps. Only you can answer those questions. Let us get into the deets of your question, what is …


The Best Headlight Restoration

Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit

The Deets

In 30 minutes and 3 steps you will get your headlight shining brightly. Sylvania kit steps include a fine grain of emery paper, rinsing and UV protection. It Improves down-road vision by up to 3X!

3 Steps

1. Preparation

2. Shine/Polish

3. Clarify/ Seal


What’s in the Box

  • 1 oz. of surface activator
  • ½ oz. of clarifying compound
  • 1 oz. of UV blocking Clear Coat
  • 3 grades of waterproof premium sandpaper (400, 1000 and 2000 grit)
  • 2 white applicator cloths
  • 1 blue lint-free UV Clear Coat applicator cloth
  • 1 roll of protective tape
  • 1 vinyl glove

Here are more product Deets.
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3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

The Deets

If you would rather, or feel comfortable using a drill, this is the kit for you. A best seller and fan favorite, the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System in top tier. The sandisk is included in the Kit so thats no extra cost to you, unless you don’t have a drill. This takes just a little more work but the results are worth the effort. Be sure the use the electric tape and be cautious when using the power drill. Here are more product Deets.
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Turtle Wax T-240KT Headlight Lens Restorer Kit


The Deets

The Turtle Wax T-240KT Headlight Lens Restorer Kit makes it on the top 3 list because it gets the job done for less. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last as long as the top dogs listed above. This is recommended if your headlights don’t need much work. Here are more product Deets.
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