Top 7: The Best Floor Jack Reviews On The Market

Top 7: The Best Floor Jack Reviews On The Market

Like most car enthusiasts, I enjoy tuning up my car in my garage (professional mechanics cost an arm and a leg). Not only does maintenance ensure that my car runs smoothly, it also lowers the risk of accidents caused by mechanical errors.

Luckily for all of us, there are plenty of tools that make car maintenance simple.

The floor jack in particular is my most beloved tools; as it allows me to change the brake pads, rotate the tires, change the oil, work on the exhaust, and take care of the suspension.

Finding the perfect floor jack for my needs was not easy, as there were several factors to consider before I made my final purchase. To prevent you from suffering the same fate, I have listed the best floor jack options available, based on lift capacity, lift height, lift speed, safety, and construction quality. Enjoy!

Best Floor Jack Reviews

# 1: Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

The Powerzone 380044 is undoubtedly the best floor jack for your money. This exceptional floor jack has been created with the average car enthusiast in mind, and it boasts of quality construction, easy operation, and portability.

This reliable floor jack has been constructed with a stable base and strong aluminum frame, which allows it to lift up to 6000lbs. It’s no surprise that the Powerzone is also considered to be the best 3 ton jack.

best floor jack review

Furthermore, the Powerzone has a respectable lift height of between 4-inches and 18.25-inches, giving you sufficient clearance when you are tuning up your car (but don't tune your car like this). The sleek floor jack also has rolling caster wheels for portability, and a rubber padded saddle for secure jack support.

Best Features:

  • 3 Ton Capacity
  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • ‘Quick lift’ Hydraulic System for Rapid and Safe Lifting
  • Sturdy and Durable Steel Lift Arm
  • Safety Valve That Prevents Overloading

#2: Torin T83006 SUV Service Jack – 3 Ton (The Perfect Floor Jack for SUV and Truck Owners)

If you are an SUV or truck owner looking for a floor jack for regular use, then the Torin T83006 is the perfect investment for you. The most notable feature of this 3 ton jack is its extra-long neck, which allows you to lift large vehicles without any extra effort on your part.

This neck gives you a lift height of between 6 and 21 inches, which is sufficient clearance for large model SUVs. However, if you are working on a small car and do not need the extra height, you can easily remove the long neck.

best floor jack

The affordable and convenient floor jack also boasts of heavy duty construction, which ensures safety and durability. Additionally, this top rated floor jack for SUVs and trucks comes with an attachable handle with a rubber grip, for comfortable and secure cranking.

Best Features:

  • Extra-long Neck for Quick Lifting
  • Attachable Handle with Rubber Grip
  • Comes with Extension Adapter
  • Sturdy Metal Casting Construction

#3: Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack – 2 Ton Capacity

The Ideal Floor Jack for Owners with Low-Profile Cars.

Plenty of floor jacks have a minimum lift height of 5+ inches. While this is suitable for larger vehicles with plenty of clearance, it is a nightmare for low-profile vehicles that do not have extra inches to spare.

Thankfully, the Pro-Lift F-767 is designed with low-profile cars in mind. Being one of the best automative floor jacks it lifts a capacity of 2 tons and a lift range of between 3.5 and 14 inches. This allows it to slide underneath your low-profile car with ease.

best floor jack for the money

The hydraulic powered floor jack is constructed with durable and high-quality steel, making it a perfect long-term investment. Additionally, the inbuilt safety valve and patented bypass device prevent overloading and over pumping respectively.

Best Features:

  • Lift Range of between 3.5 and 14 inches
  • Patented Bypass Device and Inbuilt Safety Valve for Safe Operation
  • 2 Ton Capacity
  • Rolling Caster Wheels & Central Grip Handle for Improved Portability

#4: Pittsburgh Racing 1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Floor Jack with Rapid Pump

The Top Compact Floor Jack for Small Vehicle Owners

The aforementioned floor jacks are large and heavy, as they have been designed to support big cars. But what happens if you have a small or mid-sized car? Do you really need a 3 ton floor jack to make minor repairs and change your tires? The answer is NO!

The Pittsburgh Racing 1.5 Ton compact jack has been constructed for smaller vehicles, and is therefore lightweight and portable. Top rated floor jack is small enough to fit in your garage, home, or car trunk, making it a convenient option for you. But don’t let its compact size fool you; this floor jack is strong and highly efficient.

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The Pittsburgh Racing 1.5 ton jack has been constructed with industrial quality aircraft aluminum, giving it strength and durability properties that the most professional mechanic will drool over. This racing jack also comes with a secure aluminum handle that will rapidly lift your car in just 3.5 pumps. How amazing is that?

The floor jack also has a lift range of between 3.375-inches and 14.75 inches, making it suitable for low-profile cars. It’s no wonder the Pittsburgh Racing jack is the ‘most recommended floor jack choice for small and mid-sized car owners.

Best Features:

  • Precision Machined Aircraft Aluminum Construction
  • Universal Joint Release Mechanism for Controlled Lowering
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Knurled Aluminum Handle
  • Dual Parallel Pump System ensures maximum lift height with just 3.5 pumps

#5: Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack

The Multipurpose Floor Jack of Your Dreams

If you want to lift heavy loads in an easy and safe manner, the Powerbuilt 620422E Triple Lift should be your number one choice. This affordable floor jack has a lift capacity of 4000lbs, which makes it perfect for your SUVs and trucks.

Its flexible triple lift design is what steals the show. Powerbuilt has designed this floor jack with padded lift rails and a detachable lift saddle, which allows you to adjust the jack to suit different frames. This means that you can use the Powerbuilt 620422E for ATVs, motorcycles, cars, and trucks.

Despite its impressive lift capacity, the all in one Powerbuilt jack is constructed out of lightweight aluminum.

Best Features:

  • Triple Lift System allows you to adapt the jack to different vehicle frames
  • Locking System for secure support
  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Smooth Rolling Caster Wheels for easy transportation

6: Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack – 3 Ton Capacity

The Best Aluminum Floor Jack on the Market

The Arcan ALJ3T is widely considered to be the best aluminum floor jack available. Despite the fact that it only weighs 56lbs, this floor jack can support loads of up to 3 tons. Its durable construction also features thick side plates for stability and security, ensuring that you can operate it without fear of accidents.

One of the most impressive features of the ALJ3T is its dual pump piston mechanism, which allows for rapid lifting without sacrificing on safety. Additionally, the ALJ3T is considered to be ‘one of the best low profile jacks’, due to its lift range of between 3.75 and 18.25 inches.

best automotive floor jack

Best Features:

  • Bypass and Overload valve for safety
  • Locking System for secure support
  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Dual Piston with a dust shield for rapid lifting action
  • Rear Swivel Caster wheels for maneuverability

7: Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack with Safety Bar – 2 Ton Load Capacity

The Lowest Clearance Floor Jack You’ll Ever Come Across

If you have a modified/classic car with low ground clearance, then you know that the average floor jack is useless. Thankfully, the design of the Powerbuilt 620479E ensures that it can easily maneuver under the lowest of cars.

This top rated floor jack has a lift range of between 2.75-inches and 15.5-inches, and can support up to 2 tons of load. Additionally, it comes with a steel safety arm for extra jack support, so that you can remain safe as you go about your maintenance.

best car jack for home garage

Best Features:

  • Minimum Clearance Height of 2.75-inches
  • Comes with steel safety bar for added security
  • Swivel Casters for easy transportation


As you can see, the diverse strengths of each jack guarantees that you will select the best floor jack for your needs.

So, have you found your perfect floor jack on this list? And if you already own one of these floor jacks, what has your experience been like? Share in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed the seven floor jack reviews above, and I’d love you to share this article with your fellow car enthusiasts- they’ll be forever grateful for it.

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