Top 3: The Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs

Top 3: The Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs

Do you travel a lot with your dog? A car seat cover for your dog is a great idea if you take Fido with you in the car on trips or just running around town doing errands. The car seat cover will give your pet a comfortable ride while protecting your vehicle from tears and dirt. There are several things to look for in a car seat cover for dogs.

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What To Consider Before Grabbing One

Car Seat Covers for Dogs 2016


Look for a material that is durable and will withstand scratches and tears from your pet. If you can find one with rubber backing, it helps to keep the seat cover and your pet from moving around.

Easy to clean

Look for covers that are waterproof and stain resistant. A machine washable car seat is a necessity when it comes to ours pets. Look for piped edges that will keep dirt and water from falling off the cover onto the carpeting of the vehicle.

Size & Fit

You want to make sure the cover doesn’t slip and slide. Attachments at the front and rear help make it fit securely in your car. You also want to look for something that is easy to install and remove when you aren’t traveling with your dog and maybe need to the storage space in your vehicle.

Look for a car seat that uses hook and loop openings so that you can use seat belts or pet restraints. Make sure the size you choose fits your vehicle, they should come in regular (55” wide) and extra-wide (60” wide) sizes and make sure the fit doesn’t interfere with any side air bags.

Best Dog Car Seat Covers Reviews

Best Dog Car Seat Covers Reviews

This dog seat cover can work as a regular car cover as well as a hammock style for the back seat. The installation is fast and easy and it is ready to go right out of the box with self-explanatory installation.

It comes with piping attached on a nylon rope to slip into the crack where the bottom of the seat and the backrest meet.

There are four adjustable buckles so you can tighten the hammock in well so your pet can’t wander up to the front seat. It does not have flaps on the sides of the cover to keep your animal from scratching the arm rest.

The hammock position does not keep you animal in the back seat so be careful when it is used in that position. It otherwise covers the seat well in either positions. It’s a great waterproof material and is very durable to keep from being scratched or torn from the dog’s nails. If your dog is not seated while the car is in motion, it is hard for the animals to get a grip and they will slide around on it a bit. It otherwise does a great job keeping the car free from fur and protecting seats from scratches and tears.

2. 4Knines Dog Seat Cover for Cars with the Best Nonslip Backing, Tan Regular

Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs

The 4knine Car Seat Cover is made of heavy-duty material that will keep your car from getting scratches as well as keep it clean. Its quilted and padded construction that provides extra protection and a comfortable ride for your pet.

It’s really simple to install and has quick release clips up on the headrest strap that make the setup process really fast.

 It’s completely pet-safe with no harmful chemicals or dyes used in its production.

The seat cover also has a nonslip backing that helps keep the cover from moving. Reviewers had commented on how easy it is to install and how durable it is. Most reviewers loved how it protected their car from getting dirty and how easy it is to move from seat to seat when necessary.

3. Kurgo Waterproof Car Bench Seat Cover for Dogs 

Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs

The Kurgo Waterproof Car Seat Cover is great to protect your car from scratches and tears as well as pet hair. Its made of heavy-duty material that has side flaps that were created to protect the entire seat from damage and dirt.

It has three seat anchors that fit snugly between the seat back and the cushion plus two elastic straps that go under the seat cover.

It is also designed with a rubber nonslip backing which keeps it in place in the event of sudden stops.

The Kurgo Car Seat Cover also includes a waterproof middle layer for additional protection, is machine washable and is made of PVC free material. Seat belt slips that include a Velcro closure making installation easy while keep pet hair and dirt out of your seats.


The winner of the Car Seat Cover for Dogs Roundup is the Waterproof Hammock. It’s made of durable material that is waterproof and includes an extra waterproof middle layer for extra protection.

It’s easy to install and protects your seat completely with Velcro closures that help keep dog hair and dirt away from your seats while protecting your car from scratches and tears. 

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