The Ultimate Guide for the Best Tire Shine: How to Clean Tires

Updated: Nov. 2016 Having the best tire shine further pushes the individuality that we already express in our choice of car. A clean and shinny tire adds that extra pizzaz to an already clean and waxed ride- especially a black car. What’s better than a newly washed ride with freshly clean and vacuumed interior? How about […]

Best Headlight Restoration

Finding the best headlight restoration is a must. Clouded headlights are a no go. No one wants to see yellow headlights, especially after a good clean and wax. Say no to this! Some cars are just prone to discoloration, you are not to blame, but allowing your headlights to stay discolored is. No worries, we are […]

Purchasing the Best Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax is the favored car wax by concours admirers and collectors since it produces an opulent, warm shine. It changes the paint into an intensive, liquid pool that glimmers under varying light conditions. The more carnauba wax, the more shine. Carnauba is rock hard in its natural form. Car Wax makers have to blend […]

Whats the Best Paint Sealant?

So, what is the best car paint sealant available? Lets look into some facts about car sealants to understand which is better and why (a list is provided below). We also highlight the most durable paint sealant available on the market. Paint sealant is a direct competitor to carnauba wax. Unlike carnauba wax it is […]

Keeping Them Pearly White: The Best Car Wax for White Cars

Anyone who has ever owned a white car knows how hard it is to keep them clean. For obvious reasons practically anything shows up on the white surface. This goes especially for things like tar, brake dust, and practically anything else that isn’t white. As a result, the question is often ask how to keep […]

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