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Top 5: Best Touch Screen Car Stereo Reviews

When you decide to buy a touch screen car stereo for your vehicle, you will have far more choices than you used to have when buying an in-dash receiver.   How we listen to today’s music has made the choices in car stereos much more complex, as they now include Bluetooth connectivity, USB inputs, and […]

Top 7: Best Car Alarms and Brands (Viper to Python)

Having your car vandalized or stolen is a huge nightmare. So how can you effectively and affordably protect your investment? Well, the simplest method is to get a top notch alarm system. When I went shopping for a car alarm, I came across numerous options with varied features. Sifting through all of these options was […]

Top 11: Best Backup Cameras Reviews (Safety Visual Aid)

Have you ever backed up into another car or into a trash can? I have. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been driving for, reversing into something or someone can happen to anyone at any time. Luckily for all of us, technology in the form of backup cameras gives us a clear view of our […]

What’s The Best Backup Camera For Jeep Wrangler?

As a dedicated Jeep Wrangler driver, I know it’s incredibly capable and a ton of fun. Jeep Wrangler drivers love these unique vehicles, well-suited both for daily driving and for off-road adventure. When I’m driving on the trail or heading out for a camping trip, there’s nothing I love more than my sporty Wrangler. But […]

Speeding on a Budget: Best Radar Detector Under 300 Bucks

The Best Radar Detectors below 300 Dollars Actually, its more like between $200 and $300 Here are the other post in the best value radar detector reviews series: Top Radar Detectors under $100, $200 and, now we have the best under $300 You may also want to see the AutoDeets article on Radar Detectors Laws […]

Radar Detector Laws, Functioning and Tech History

Continuing our car radar detector series, we thought it best to go over radar detector laws and how radar detectors works. Both topics give use a better understanding of why the question stands “are radar detectors illegal” and we touch on “what states are radar detectors illegal” Radar detectors are electronic devices that drivers use […]

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