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DIY: How To Get Rain-X Off Windshield

Have you just used the Rain-X on your windshield but the product leaves an unsightly film on your windshield? Well, if this is your problem here is a guide to help you get Rain-X off the windscreen. Rain-X is commonly used to enhance your windscreen’s visibility during a rainy or snowy day. The product functions […]

How To: Leasing A Car With Bad Credit 101

You see a television, radio or online spot touting a low car payment and low “annual percentage rate”. Attracted by the prospect of getting to drive for a low payment, you shop and then start to fill out papers to make the lease happen.The sales or finance manager reveals to you that you don’t qualify […]

How To Rent A Car With Bad Credit

Bad credit can jump up and bite you in the most unexpected of places, like at a car rental agency counter. You show up with a debit card because money is money, right? They can take the rental cost right out of your account immediately, thanks to the wonder of modern digital transactions. Unfortunately, most […]

How To Install A Backup Camera On A Car

Is it possible to install a backup camera on your own? What are the steps of installing a backup camera on your car? What are the benefits of having a backup camera on your car? The chances are that you may be asking yourself one of those questions. You need to know that many people […]

10 Steps: How To Clean A Car Interior

Ever want to clean the interior of your car but despaired at the amount of time and effort it would likely take? Luckily, this guide will help you find new ways to clean the interior of your car with minimal effort or struggle. Whereas the exterior of your car is impersonal and not usually judged, […]

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