3 Simple Ways: How To Remove Swirl Marks From A Car

Does your car have swirl marks? Are you wondering how you can remove them? Maintaining the original look of your car is not an easy task. No matter how often you wax and wax it, it seems inevitable to see light scratches and swirl marks.Do It YourselfIf the primary problem with your car is the […]

Top 5: Best Dashboard Cleaners Review

Being an adult means you know how to take care of your things, especially when you spend a lot of money on that thing.Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your interior stays clean and looking good (Summer Maintenance List). As someone who just purchased my first fully-functional car without dents and 150,000 […]

Top 3: The Best Car Seat Covers for Dogs

Do you travel a lot with your dog? A car seat cover for your dog is a great idea if you take Fido with you in the car on trips or just running around town doing errands. The car seat cover will give your pet a comfortable ride while protecting your vehicle from tears and […]

AR Blue Clean AR390SS Review

If you love they outdoors as well as your car, you may have a deck with an awning and some lawn furniture, but it has always been annoying to clean all of that. With a Pressure Washer, we can clean all those things, plus our rides. The AR Blue AR390SS is one of the better-selling power […]

Whats The Best Floor Jack Under $100?

Floor jacks are no longer a luxury; they are a necessity! Unfortunately, there’s a misconception that you need to spend a lot of cash to get a quality floor jack. This is 100% false!The truth is, you can buy a quality floor jack for less than $100 and use it for all your car repairs […]

How Often Should You Wash Your Car? (Winter, Summer, Spring?)

Have you ever parked your car at the office or grocery store only to come back and find that a ‘helpful’ citizen has written ‘please wash me’ across the back? It’s quite funny when that message is on someone else’s car, but it’s extremely disheartening when that mud-caked dust-adorned vehicle belongs to you.But with a […]

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